Today was a beautiful day. The sun shone brightly during lunch time, and in the North Valley industrial district, business was hopping. Good & Thorough Foods, after a year and a half of building, working, tasting, and planning, was parked and ready to serve. As a thank you to Choice Steel for allowing the truck to be parked there we offered our current menu to about 20 employees. In addition, Bernalillo County was on hand to issue out the golden ticket- in this case our green sticker. The inspection took about 40 minutes, and now we are ready to start serving yummy mac and cheese to you, Albuquerque! We’re currently setting up our schedule, so keep an eye out for our updates and event invites. If you want to add us to your schedule, email us: Enjoy these photos from our first service and health inspection.

Photos by Ruth Cisneros.

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