About G & T Foods

Good and Thorough Foods Inc., is a culinary business based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Co-owners Faith, Ruth, and Pete strive to provide access to the finer aspects of baking, cooking, and dining through prepared foods, classes and catering, and providing the insight that comes from years in the food and beverage industry to restaurant clients as consultants. Their passion for the bounty that New Mexico provides, and their knack for elevating the familiar create beautiful feasts that appeal to more than just the palate.

Faith Billingham

Faith is a pastry chef, student of nutrition, and an expert in incorporating medicinal herbs into her tasty treats. She’s worked in kitchens across the city, and strives to provide well-balanced products that incorporate local ingredients at every step, engages the imagination as well as your taste buds, and impart a sense of wholesome satisfaction. Currently, Faith is consulting with a local fine-dining restaurant on their bread offerings, striving to elevate the experience of enjoyment to new heights. Canela is the result of working directly with Ruth to create a brand new dessert experience.

Ruth Dove

Ruth is a communications expert who joined the team in the days of the food truck, capturing the food created during dinner service and for private event, as well as organizing social media campaigns designing menus and maintaining the website. Motivated by the challenge to convey the sense of taste through visual media, she has incorporated food photography into the type of work she seeks as a multimedia content creator. She’s the other half of the two-person team that is Canela, and a staunch supporter of focusing on local, seasonal ingredients to provide the fare that G & T creates.

Chef Jens Peter Smith

Peter is currently the executive chef at Farm & Table, in Albuquerque’s picturesque North Valley. From Espanola to the European kitchens and back again, Peter has embraced the journey of exploring local, sustainable food options in New Mexico as the core of his creations and is always on the lookout for innovative ways to include these ingredients in recipes from across the world. As a seasoned traveler, his adventurous spirit is always bringing home new recipes to try with his signature New Mexico twist.